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 After them, 
Peaceable was the Judge
at the pleasing land.

Wtenk nellamawa sakimanep langundowi akolaking.

In the first semester of the LENAPE HISTORY we ;earned that Catholics, who spoke Norse, paddled into North America from Greenland, starting about AD 1000.

They paddled down the Atlantic Coast and south out of the Christen Sea (a.k.a. Hudson Bay). By AD 1340 Catholics, who spoke Norse (a.k.a. LENAPE) lived in most of eastern North America.

Then the Little Ice Age forced the LENAPE in Greenland to migrate to their friends in Minnesota, where the Kensington rune stone episode connected the LENAPE history with a firm date carved into rock.

We ended the semester with the Greenlander Lenape encamped at the pleasing land near Big Stone Lake.

There are about 104 stanzas left to discuss.  That number calculates to more than six stanzas per week.  So I plan to discuss two stanzas on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Then I will summarize those stanzas on Saturday.

We will be taking a first look at the stanzas, so your insights will be helpful to me.  

The LENAPE history is considered a “hoax” because the overall story is a migration from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Coast.

if the LENAPE history is valid , the NEW WORLD myth created by the 17th century English cannot be the only source of American history. 

So the 17th century English took aggressive steps to suppress the LENAPE history and the knowledge that most Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse.

Like it or not, we are engaged in a numbers game.  Right now, those of us discussing the LENAPE history number less than 100.  During the same eighteen weeks over 3 million kids will accept the NEW WORLD myth as their mental model of early America.  They will not learn about Catholics, or that the language was Norse.

So that math means that each of us MUST tell 30,000 kids about the LENAPE history.

Looks hopeless, doesn’t it? 

Perhaps it is, but the valid history of America will surely vanish if we do not try to convince SOME kids, who may become teachers in the future.

So invite your friends to join us as we discuss semester II of the LENAPE history.

We left the LENAPE in a peaceful land near Big Stone Lake:

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