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Olaus Magnus 1490-1557 confirms … that the Norwegian king Hakon 1340-1380, son of Magnus Eriksson, who in his days were King over a large territory from western settlement Greenland to Sveaborg in today’s Russia, with his warfleet PASSED Greenland!

[in America] there were at least two diocese including one in the Catholic sources (the Vatican) has named Korsnes. [Same as mentioned in the Icelandic sagas of Vinland]. The diocese paid to the Vatican….
Do you doubt kings of Norway were in American waters beyond Greenland at the start of the LITTLE ICE AGE?
The king named Hakon, 1340-1380, who led a fleet of row boats  past Greenland during the LITTLE ICE AGE, should not be confused with
Haakon IV of Norway, (Haakon Haakonsson) (c. March/April 1204 – 16 December 1263), who, during his long sojourn "in the western sea," probably guided the construction of churches at Newport (Narrgansett), Boston, (Massachusetts),  in Nova Scotia, and began the mission that would become St. Ann, the oldest church in America long after the English invaded.
In AD 1612 Samual Argil took a 14 cannon frigate and boat loads of men in armor to destroy the churches.
 They skipped remote St. Ann, which lay too far up a narrow river. Argil's secret mission occurred in AD 1612.
Catholic history describes the destrution of the church in Nova Scotia.
Textbook publishers apparently do NOT look at Catholic reference books.
Not using ALL the infomation available continues the suppression by omission, which was started four centuries ago.

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