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JULY 20, 2017
The title should be the mental model of colonial America in most heads.

That mental model explains the American history before the English invasion, explains hundreds of the ancient artifacts and thousands of Norse words in eastern America, and the actions of the English during the first century of the invasion.

YOU can help put the mental model into more heads.  When the opportunity is right, tell someone “When the English invaded, most Americans were Catholics, who spoke Norse.

They may not believe “most Americans were Catholics” because the mental model they carry in their own heads is that Americans were pagan savages called "Indians."  

The English knew that most Americans were Catholics, because they saw the crosses “and other Antiques.” But the English chose to use cover-up words such as “savage,” “pagan,” “Indian” and “Delaware.”

The Catholics began to paddle into America as early as the year AD1000.  The first forty stanzas of the LENAPE history are Old Norse words for Genesis.

The sounds make a self-verifying stanza.   One of the required elements of the verification is a rhythm similar to the beat of a pow-wow drum.  Thus, fourteen men in a big canoe might have been singing Genesis as they paddled in rhythm.

A big canoe could be paddled about 60 miles per day over ocean and up streams.  Where necessary, such as across the elevated table land of central Minnesota the canoe could be carried or moved on rollers. 

The Catholics, who spoke Norse, were following the route of the Copper Haulers.  The Copper Haulers had modified the terrain 2000 years before to enable a calculated 200,000 boats, and three million men to remove a billion pounds of copper from around Lake Superior.  That copper had enabled the Bronse Age in Europe.

So, you may say to doubters “The Americans. Who spoke Norse paddled into Norse America 1,000 years ago.  They came from Greenland.  They paddled along the Atlantic Coast and they paddled south out of Hudson Bay, over the Minnesota tableland into the Mississippi Basin. “

The was a three century period where the LENAPE history tells us “the ‘COUSINS DISCRETELY SEPARATED THROUGHOUT the LAND.”  That simple sentence explains much more than the fuzzy mental model of ancient America we learned.

Then came the Little Ice Age.  The relentless cold weather forced the people of Greenland to migrate to America.  Those people wrote the LENAPE history.  In 1643 Roger Williams and the Dutch Governor of New York recorded that the American people spoke the language of Iceland.

Roger Williams, a highly respected religious teacher, was forced to flee the Salem church.  The recorded reason is because he advocated that the Americans had a right to sell their own land.  The real reason may have been that Williams was saying “Catholics, who speak Norse, have the rights to sell their own land.

There is much more to the LENAPE HISTORY.  You can find links to much of information by searching for LENAPE LAND and taping on LENAPE HISTORY, LENAPE LAND.

References are made via embedded links.

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