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The first history pictograph of the LENAPE is
 Pehella wtenk lennapeva tulapewini psakwiken woliwikgun wittank talli.

Notice the "lennape" name!

This stanza was composed 660 years ago in James Bay, Canada.

The stanza tells of the time three and a half centuries earlier (i.e. AD 1,000), when the LENAPE were in Greenland.
. The migration route of the LENAPE from Greenland to New Jersey via the Dakotas is shown on this map.
shown on the
 CARTE du CANADA (1720
I have taught a LENAPE HISTORY COURSE  four times. 
Each time students found more evidence to support the LENAPE history.


 I will teach the 18 week discussion course in LENAPE HISTORY to the Blue MT Lenape Nation on the NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLES WEB SITE. 
The class will begin on Monday, June 12, 2017.
The weekly assignments will be passed out via the Blue MT Lenape Nation.
We will use the Blue MT Lenape Nation for discussion.
Lenape came here to make America a better land.  Those, who know the past well, may make a better future. 
Let us have a good one

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