Friday, August 26, 2016

WEEK 16, Part C, SETT

AD 1358
The pleasing land was at the south,
the abundance  of rivers was toward the shore;

Akolaki shawanaki, kitshinaki shabiyaki.
We have looked at the oldest, and biggest artifact that provides evidence of Norse in America.  Many place names in the Norumbega region also are evidence that the Norse were in America.

English Prince Charles attempted to wipe away the Norse names and replace them with English names in 1616.

  For example, the Charles River, which flows though Boston, was originally named the Massachusetts River.

The name Massachusetts returned as a state name after the Revolutionary War.  The revolutionary leaders did not want a state named after an English king, who lost his head a century and a half earlier.

The remains of the ancient Norse church at Newport are near the place named “Narragansett.”  The key syllable in both Massachusetts and Narragansett is “SETT.” The syllable is more evidence that the Norse were in the region.   Like whetstones, “Sett” in a place name means that the people in the region spoke Norse,

What does “SETT” mean?

Search for LINAPE LAND, tap on LENAPE HISTORY, LENAPE LAND > LENAPE LEARNING (INDEX) > MEANING under LANGUAGE > VIKING and the RED MAN.  Find the definition of  “Sett” in the general vocabulary of first volume.

[Look in “SESV.”  Then under “SETTAG8.”  The Norse meaning is given in the Norse definition section.]

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