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[For the next hundred years the LENAPE historians appear to have made one stanza and pictograph for each year.  

That strategy  enabled future historians to keep track of the years,  so they could tell the people when big events occurred in the past.

The words “Maalan aarum” mean “engraved (maalan) years (aarum).”  

In the 19th century, the Moravain priests copied the sounds of “Maalan aarum” as “Walam Olum.”]

A discussion question is:
 “Should we refer to the LENAPE history as the “WALAM OLUM,” which many authorities have declared a “hoax,” or do we refer to the LENAPE history as “Maalan aarum,’ which is the correct name if the LENAPE historian was speaking Norse?

AD 1358

The pleasing land
 was at the south,
the abundance of rivers was toward the shore;

Akolaki shawanaki, 
kitshinaki shabiyaki.

The next Lenape historian reported where Snow Bird’s group were camped at the end of the first year of migration out of James Bay.

Where were they?

What is the waterway?

Why is the “abundance of Rivers” shown on top of a slope?

AD 1359
To the east was
 the Fish land,
toward the lakes
 was the buffalo land

Wapanaki namesaki,
pemapaki sisilaki.

The Lenape historian reported where Snow Bird’s group was at the end of the second year.

Where is Fish land?

What are the
 two lakes that touch?

How do we know the Historian was on the same latitude as the spot where the two lakes touch?

We have two weeks of the semester left. It is time to debate a hypothesis.

The hypothesis is:
when the ENGLISH Invaded,
the Americans were CATHOLICS,

 Nearly ALL of you have been taught the NEW WORLD  paradigm.
So you are assumed to be against the hypohesis unless you declare otherwise.
 Your comments will be reported in the "Against" register.

Dr. Myron Paine, California
Aidon Aakelas, Australia
Vang Bach, Dane, Arkansas
Sally Watkins, New Mexico.

If you want to be listed FOR the hypothesis, please respond with your name and location in the comments section.  

Bob Knight: I do support the basic hypothesis for two reasons.  
1) A sufficient population existed with the opportunity.  And 
2). that a real presence existed on Vancouver Island independently recognized which easily adds to the James Bay black hills scenario.  That makes New England inevitable.  Better yet the climate made it all possible as present day arctic climate has confirmed.  What we now have is some memories and other echos of what was a major effort also duplicated by other populations in the South East possibly contemporaneous.

Add in the Templar use of the Great Circle route for two centuries before Columbus and the time and space vacuum is filled as well.
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