Monday, August 8, 2016


AD 1353
After Beautiful Head,
White Owl was
chief at
Abundance of Rivers.
Why does the narrative return to the “Abundance of Rivers?”
Why does the “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost” hair-do, with, perhaps, a strong Holy Ghost component show in the pictograph?
The word “chief” was the translation of the Moravians priests for the sound “Sakimanep,” which they recorded.  “Sakimanep” means “Judge.”  
Sometimes “Sakimanep” appears to mean “an activity to recall (or judge) the year by.”
What activity might White Owl have done to deserve mention in the yearly stanza and pictograph?
AD 1354
Then Keeping Guard
was the sachem.
[sachem = sakimanep]
This year may have been named after the most noted yearly activity rather than one person.
Why did “Keeping guard” become an important activity?
What is on the back of the man in the pictograph?
What does the “Great Spirit" hair do imply?

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  1. If they had returned to James Bay, they probably had to keep guard to defend the land, as other tribes would have occupied it in their absence. No one is going to argue, if 4,000 Lenape return, so the other tribes probably enacted raids. Food was scarce.