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AD 1351

King Magnus appointed Paul Knutson to captain a rescue mission, which 
would row beyond Greenland to recover the Christians that abandoned Greenland

No one went from
Here to there
 went off yonder

What do the curved lines on the top of the circle represent?

They represent feathers.  In the time of the Little Ice Age, Norwegian men wore feathers on their hats and helmets to signify that they were Christians.

[This is a topic that should have more research.  Early sketches and photos show American men with two or three feathers held in place by a headband.  The American use of feather may have been inspired by the feathers the Norse men wore.]

What do the two mounds and lines from each mound to the circle represent.

The mounds represent Norway on the left (from there) and America on the right (to here).  The two lines between the right leg and the “ground” may represent Iceland and Greenland.

King Magnus' letter is Online 

Note:  There is a three year difference between the American and Norway records.  This difference might make a good thesis project.  

We will continue to follow the American timeline, because other known events fit that time line better.

What does the stanza say about the  LAENAPE answer ?

No one turned back
 from here to there.

______PART B_______

The word "ORINDA" appeared in southern Alabama, in New York, and in California.


I suggest you divide the word into
“O”  “RIN (REN)” “DA

"OO" shows possession of noun.  (I see it.)
DA = Exclamation, Look!

ORINDA = I have (see) purity, Look!
      Most, but not all, survived a boat wreck on the rocks.,

What does the triangle with a line near the top represent?

The LENAPE historian used the triangle to represent a selection of a few out of a population.  “Most. (at the bottom of the triangle) but not all (empty space at the top)

What does the circle with curved lines below the line represent?

The head with the feathers (Norwegian Prince Paul Knudson) died.

Do we have any evidence of the “wreck on the rocks?”

We DO have the evidence of the boat wreck near Lake Nipigon, Ca, in about AD 1352.   Look at this link: BEARDMORE

Why are school kids taught that Columbus was the first person from the east side of the Atlantic to discover America?

 One reason may be that the 17th century English wanted to cover up their massacres of Catholics, who spoke Norse.  Those Catholics called themselves LENAPE.

Those Englishmen chose to advocate that Columbus found a ‘PRISTINE WILDERNESS.”  Thus, according to the English, there could NOT be Catholics, who spoke Old Norse in America.

  Censorship of the information printed by the only two printing presses in America was a simple task.  “Catholic,” “Norse,” and “LENAPE” were omitted in NEW ENLAND and JAMESTOWN.  

That censorship prevailed a century later, when the Sunday School curriculum became the model for the United States school system.

The “LENAPE” name did survive in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, primarily because the LENAPE went to church often and European fundamentalist settlers out numbered the English in the area.  The fundamentalist desire for freedom of religion for everybody, even Catholics, enabled the LENAPE to survive.

The LENAPE standard of Christian conduct is now embodied in the Boy Scouts honor society, the Order of the Arrow.


You have encountered links to two objects from about 685 years ago, which are saved in national history achives or museums.  Those artifacts support the concise, coherent, and compelling LENAPE history.

 There is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the 17th century English knew they were surrounded by Catholics, who spoke Norse.  But the history taught to your Grandkids may ignore all that.

The English committed a series of massacres and prolonged oppressive campaigns in an attempt to rid America of Catholics, who spoke Norse. 

The English advocated the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm, COLUMBUS, the BERING STRAIT hypothesis, the "ALGONGUIN" language,  and the DELAWARE tribal name to profoundly distort 17th century American history.

The existing difficulty for modern reseachers to understand the American situation before AD 1600 is caused by the suppression by omission imposed by the 17th century English.

But archeologists, linguists, and historians are not aware that the omission has occurred.  They continue to resolve the American past through the PRISTINE WILDERNESS paradigm.  They teach what they have been taught.  They ignore researchers, who write that the history does not account for the artifacts.  They ignore conflicting evidence.

Columbus has been enshrined as a national holiday, by names, and by statues defended by Italian people, whose ancestors were not in America in AD 1600,  Columbus is an effective "blind" to discourage academic people from looking into the past.

Scientists continue to search for the evidence to "prove" the BERING STRAIT paradigm, when four different blood and DNA factors show the Americans came from the east side of the Atlantic.

They continue to "help" tribes resolve the ALGONGUIN language.  [Despite the conclusion of Reider T. Sherwin, some tribal linguists, begin their language lessons with a declaration that "ALGONGUIN" is NOT Norse, when, in fact, they are teaching Norse words.]

"DELAWARE" is a state name.  The English applied the NAME DELAWARE to many LENAPE tribes to cover up the "LEN = PURE" syllable, which was well known on both sides of the Atlantic. Lord De La WARR III's men killed men and raped women along 40 miles of the James River and throughout the Delaware Peninsula.  But the most damage is that the name covers people and territory that should be known for being PURE, as in LENAPE, Catholics, who spoke Norse.

The worst part of this discussion if that I do not know how to "rattle the cages" of the academics, who should be researching LENAPE and ENGLISH versions of history.


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