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Years ago I found a book in the library entitled “Creeks,” Yes; the book was a detailed history of the MUSKOGEES.

I found the chapter of the Muskogee gods fascinating.  The word ORINDA stood out.

Here in California we have a town called ORINDA, which is located east over-the-ridge from OAKLAND.

I wondered, “How could a MUSKOGEE god named ORINDA wind up as a town east of OAKLAND, California.”

As it turned out, “In the late 19th century, the land was named by Alice Marsh Cameron in honor of the poet Katherine Philips, who was also known as the "Matchless Orinda".  Matchless Orinda received her title for her activity among the Iroquois in New York before she came to California.

In prior centuries the Iroquois had captured young men of other tribes and kept them as slaves in Iroquois villages.  For example, in the late 1800s, a (white) bridge builder had noticed the “Blond, Blue-eyed Iroquois” working on the bridge he was installing.  This segment of the Iroquois may have remembered their Muskogee gods.

The “Orinda” name was perhaps used by some of them to honor the “Matchless Orinda,” who may have influenced their status in the Iroquois tribe.

So it appears that the name of Muskogee god from southern Alabama may have traveled up the Mississippi in the heads of young men.  Then the young men were forced to become Iroquois.  They named poet Katherine Philips, the "Matchless Orinda.”  Ms Philips carried her title to the little town in California.

 The name ORINDA was used in southern Alabama, in New York, and in California.


You have used the VIKING and the RED MAN Dropbox many times to look up words.  You should be able to look up what ORINDA means.

I suggest you divide the word into
“O”  “RIN (REN)” and “DA.”  Search for each syllable.

Have a good search.
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