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LENAPE LAND is the first 38 stanzas of a 144-stanza history.  Each stanza has an accompanying pictograph.  LENAPE LAND now enables smart phones to view these pictographs and stanzas.  The format also allows them to be viewed on most electronic tablets, iPads, and computers.

Links enable the viewers to also look at:
      explanations about the pictographs and stanzas,
      the decipherment from original sounds to English, and
       at supplementary supporting material. 

The formatting of this additional material is too dense for effective viewing on smart phones.  But iPads make the material appear as if the material were in a book form.
Thus the LENAPE LAND format is a digital version of a book.  But the format requires a “cover.”

Some students, today, have smart phones, tablets, iPads or computers so they can view LENAPE LAND.  But many students, who use library reference books, may not have unrestricted access to a computer.

In effect a dedicated iPad for LENAPE LAND creates a reference “book” in the library that any and all students can use.

So an iPad dedicated for LENAPE LAND is the equivalent of putting a reference book cover on the oldest American history.  Thus the oldest American history would have a place in the library.

A student can check out LENAPE LAND and the dedicated iPad in the same fashion the student would check out and use a history reference book.  The student could study LENAPE LAND as long as they might read any other library reference book.

Similar to all reference books, the LENAPE LAND will be on the library shelves for the classes to follow.

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