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This semester ends with the KENSINGTON Rune Stone episode.

This episode is important because TWO types of media recorded the same event.  Both media are evidence of the Norse Language in use.  The name of the place is a Norse name.

These factors are strong evidence that most Americans spoke Norse.

The episode was located in western Minnesota with a solid date of AD 1362.  The location is consistent with the known Copper Haulers route, which was created in about 2,200 BC during the BRONZE AGE.

The man-modified terrain and other solid artifacts are solid evidence that the NEW WORLD paradigm is a myth.

The LENAPE continued to make history.  Some episodes are linked in the blog post.

University faculty should teach the LENAPE history.

Universities exist to teach.  They can teach facts or myth.  What is taught for a semester becomes a paradigm in the heads of most students.

If the LENAPE history is not taught, it will remain suppressed by omission from curriculums of universities.

Encourage university faculties to teach the LENAPE history.

You have an
unique paradigm
 in your head.
Use it wisely.

There is enough data to create a second semester of LENAPE HISTORY.

Starting August 1, 2017, I started posting the second 18 week semester of the LENAPE history.
But I was able to post only a few stanzas before I started to  present another the first semester a second time.  I found the time demands more than I could handle.

So decipherment of the the second semester remains incomplete.  That decipherment of LENAPE history should be done by the graduate students of a university.

That history will cover the LENAPE migration from the Kensington Rune Stone to the death of the last LENAPE historian at Roanoke, Va,
If you cannot locate an on going class, you may homeschool yourself by searching for and taping on LENAPE  HISTORY SEMESTER.  

I suggest that you take one week at a time, Think about the questions for a few days before you look at the anwers.

The weekly assignments, thinking, and answers are a good way to create a better paradigm of early America in our heads.

If you want to do something with your better paradigm, then find a scout group, were some members have earned the Order of the Arrow badge.  Visit with them.  You will be among young people, who know that Americcans had a high code of honor and that they spoke LENAPE.

YOU can and should make American history better.


It has been a great adventure, but I gotta be moving on.
Have a good one

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