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Geographic connections include:
       Missouri and Mississippi rivers,
        Shawnee and Lenape divide, and
       Atlantic coast.
Historical connections include:
presents evidence that:
   Vikings were in North America 1,000 years ago,       
    the Scandinavian rescue mission of 1354 reached Minnesota     and they were still in western Minnesota in 1362.

This film was made 35 years ago, in 1979.  This date means that some Social Scientists have known that Norse were in America for longer than the Internet has been active.  There is no consensus on the exact date when the modern Internet came into being, but sometime in the early to mid-1980s is considered reasonable.

The adoption rates of the conclusions of the Viking Visitors to North America and the Internet indicate that the Social Science system does not work.  You are watching the Viking Visitors to North America via the Internet.  

The conclusions are still valid as they were in 1979.  Newly recognized evidence supports those conclusions.

VIKING WATERWAY  presents modern evidence to show
why the Vikings were in North America.
They were here to trade throughout the Mississippi basln.
They used an ancient waterway.
The route is still in use as I-95.

LENAPE LAND  [38 stanzas of 144 stanzas of Oldest American History presents testimony that:
Vikings called themselves “Lenape.”
Lenape came to western Minnesota about 1121.
More Lenape migrated to western Minnesota by 1360
Lenape history connects to modern history

presents the route the Lenape took
    when they left western Minnesota.
Geographic connections include:
the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, and
Historical connections include:


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