Wednesday, July 20, 2016


You should be familiar with the VIKING and the RED MAN dropbox by now.

Let us pick a LENAPE word and investigate it further.

Let us chose MUSKOGEE.

If you search on line for MUSKOGEE, you will get many links to MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma.  

MUSKOGEE is the Capital of the MUSKOGEE Nation in Oklahoma.

Come back to those links later if you wish.  The Muskogee Nation was one on the five "civilized" nations.  Four of the five "civilized nations" had LENAPE "grandparents." 

The fifth nation, the Cherokee, came to America from the middle
at a later time--after Columbus sailed the ocean blue. 

The Muskogee people walked the FIRST trail of tears from southern Georgia and Alabama to Oklahoma.  General Jackson had discovered there was no way the U.S. army could kill all the Muskogee people.  President Jackson and the protestants of the east drove most of the LENAPE descendants, who were  still alive, to Oklahoma.

But what does Muskogee mean?

Look at:
                  MUSV5184          MUSV6169-169

All of these are PLACE names.  
One is a place in New England.
What is that state?

Also, I know there is a Muskogee stream running into the Nelson River near the Christian Sea (a.k.a. Hudson Bay).

So, Muskogee was in southern Georgia & Alabama, in New England, and in Western Canada. 

What does the word mean? 

Were people using the same language in all those places before the English invaded?

 The reason for this investigation is 
1) to learn to look up words in the VIKING and the RED MAN and 
2) to understand what the words mean.

Have an interesting investigation. 

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