Friday, July 22, 2016


Just after I finished the answers for week 10, I received an email from Stuart Harris, who is in France and who is working on the relationship between the ancient FINNISH people and the Shawnees in America.

Stuart had noticed a similarity between the symbols for the directions shown in the first pictograph of week 10.
Where the ?-RA-MI sounds are from FINNLAND and the sounds on top of each group of words are from the LENAPE History. 

Two of the symbols refer to the same direction on both sides of the Atlantic.  The “hill” direction is called the “north” direction in the LENAPE History.

The fact that all three syllables refer to directions and two of them refer to the same direction implies a “more than coincidence” relation ship between FINLAND and the LENAPE history.

What do you think that relationship might be?

Furthermore, Stuart believes the all of the symbols of the last pictograph of week ten were an attempt to write using the FINNISH symbols of their alphabet.
The sounds of the LENAPE stanza words are not the same as the sounds of the FINNISH letters.

Wemipayat gune'unga shinaking, Wunkenapi chanelendam payaking, Allowelendam kowiyey tulpaking.
The three syllables
"shin" = "rivers"
"ak" = "many"
"ing," = "place"
define the "abundance of rivers."
Without Reider T. Sherwin's efforts to compile over 15,000 LENAPE = NORSE words and without Craig Judge's persistance to find the correct syllables in the books of all 15,000, we would be not really able to guess where the LENAPE were.
But, now, that we know, the rest of the history made sense in the past and will make sense as we follow the migration of the Greenland LENAPE.
What do you think about this situation?
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  1. Regarding the warm relations between the settlers of New Sweden on the Delaware, and the Lenape, it was the Finnish settlers, (whose ancestors had been living in the forests of Sweden for several generations following their traditional Finnish lifestyle) who were closest to the Lenape. Most of them u derstood the Lenape language and often lived in close proximity to the Lenape. Perhaps this relationship between Finns and Lenape preceded post Columban European settlement. Could the Finns have been travelling across the Arctic ice to America via Greenland for centuries? Could European settlements have predates even the Viking settlements in Greenland? There are Spanish, Norse and English accounts of contact with the Irish speaking people of Great Hibernia, south of Chesapeake Bay down to Florida, Spanish, English and American accounts of a Welsh speaking tribe in America and 13th century accounts of the British colony of Albania in America , founded by King Arthur, (predicting the Elizabethan John Dee's claims) Even Columbus, in his journal, noted that Newfoundland was discovered by St. Brendan. (Because that is what his map stated). Knowledge of and trade with America had been taking place for thousands of years before Columbus discovered Cuba. The wrecks of three Roman galleys have been found in Rio de Janeiro harbour. Thus, it would not be much of a surprise to discover that the Finns, along with the Norse, Gottlander Swedish, Irish, Welsh and British settled in America before Columbus.

  2. It should read "preceding the Elizabethan John Dee's claims" Thanks autocorrect.