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The men from
the north,
the east,
 the south,

Look at 

“Miami, Miami, Miami.  

This post starts with Richard, of Poof, and I arguing about language.  

Then Don Greene, who has the wisdom to be a judge, comes in with his opinion.

Some of the real problem with using language for evidence is that one person, like Richard, who may have learned Old Swedish, believes that he is the authority on Old Norse.  

While I, who has learned no Norse at all, but believes that a man,

who did speak a dialect of Old Norse, who copiled word lists from 18 translators, who compiled the word lists and definitions from 25 tribes 
is the most reliable authority of the Lenape = Norse language in America.


Yet letters, which were recorded centuries ago, represent only the attempt of a listener trying to use his phonetic skills to record the dynamic sounds of puffs of air.

Both of us may NOT know how to define puffs of air made four centuries ago.  
I made an attempt to show that there were Norse in central America by showing a picture created centuries ago. 

Are Miami (Ohio) and Miami (Florida) representing different cultures or similar  cultures at different times and places?

The Miami in Oklahoma are related to the Miami in Ohio because, in the 19th century, the English invaders drove the Americans, who spoke Norse, to Oklahoma.

The Peoria tribe in Oklahoma are descended from the Illinois, the pure people, but the Protestant invaders forbade the Catholic Americans from ever again using ILLINOIS for a tribal name.

Are Miami, Florida, Miami, Ohio, and Miami, Oklahoma sounds spoken by Catholics, who spoke Old Norse?

My personal opinion is biased because I first witnessed  Christianity in action when I went to Oklahoma Powwows.  

Catholic behavior in other place, is still Christian behavior.

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