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 The LENAPE spread throughout North America.
c 1325

After moving down from the snowy land
and discreetly leaving the cousins separated
through out all the land.

Where was the snowy land?

By what route did the cousins move down?

To where? (Hint: see answers to week 5)

Why did the cousins separate?

Where was “all” the land 
they spread “though out?”

The LENAPE history has a two-century gap in the stanzas.  Bishop Eric Gnudsson is recorded to have left Greenland in AD 1121.  

The ice core records indicate the Little Ice Age began in about AD 1300.

This stanza may have been created sometime after that two-century span. 

About AD 1300,  the Drottkvaett format would have been in common use though out the Mississippi basin, the Christian Sea, Greenland, and along the Atlantic coast. 

My hypothesis is that the LENAPE historians created the pictographs and the stanzas as a preface to the Little Ice Age history of the LENAPE migration:
            In the Beginning,
         Winter & The Mild Land,
         The Hunters,
         The Eco-Disaster,
         The Ruling Priests,
          and then the cousins separated.
The first four stanzas appear to cover episodes which occurred in the first two or three centuries before AD 1100.  The "Cousins Separated" stanza appears to describe two centuries after AD 1100.

  To the LENAPE historians the “ordinary” episodes of living in North America may been considered as not worthy of recording.  Each band of LENAPE may have had their own set of stanzas and pictographs.

Or, more probable, the LENAPE historians, who were trying to preserve the over-all LENAPE history, saw a growing bundle of sticks.  They may have felt compelled to lighten the load by culling out the pictographs for the “ordinary” centuries.

Or, more sinister yet, in about AD 1610 the LENAPE historian responsible for the safe keeping of the pictographs for those two centuries may have been lying near the Henricus Church.  He may have been oozing blood from a bullet hole, when an English man stripped the pictographs away and threw them into a fire.

However it happened, this stanza is the only one to tell us about a two-century gap in the LENAPE History.

The United States is 240 years old.  Use that reference to realize what could have happened in North America in those 200 years.

What is the more accurate paradigm of the settling of North America?

         A.  After moving down from the snowy land and discreetly leaving, the cousins separated through out all the land.

            B.  After walking across the Bering Strait when the glaciers lowered the sea level the, people spread through out the land.

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  1. Where was the snowy land?

    Basically Greenland but also Hudson Bay (Christian Sea), Minnesota and the Dakota lot of snow.

    By what route did the cousins move down?

    Over to the Canadian cost true Christian Sea to the great plains.

    To where?

    The Mississippi basin to the Atlantic coast.

    Why did the cousins separate?

    The spread and did the same as the did at Greenland farming.

    Where was “all the land they spread” throughout?

    The spread from the Dakota over east to the Atlantic coast.

    What is the more accurate paradigm of the settling of North America?

    I believe that both paradigm happen A: 1000 AD to 1350 AD and B: 20.000 – 40.000 years ago.