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On Oct 29, 2015, at 12:29 PM, Bart Lee wrote:
Hi Myron,

I've been glad to see that you have continued with your quest.  You are increasingly persuasive.


PS, you might avoid complex typefaces:  COUNCIL of the WEEK, as they are very hard for people with my old eyes to read.


The CARTE Du Canada that you gave to me was a very helpful piece of the puzzle.

Thank you for giving that.


On Oct 28, 2015, at 12:09 PM, Eric Hinrichs wrote:
We are in French Lick, Ind. where I was talking with a lady while getting a massage. In our conversation
She told me about remains of white Indians having been found on an island in the river near Louisville.      
Chap 5 Stanza 56.
Over there, on the Scioto, he had foes.

The LENAPE historian may have recorded this episode.  The event was worth one stanza.  Recorded between De Soto in AD 1541 and the English ship in AD 1585.

On Oct 28, 2015, at 6:03 PM, William smith wrote:
Hi Fran and Eric - I like your reference to the Native American battle at The Falls of The Ohio. Their are a lot of facts that support this encounter that are in study at this time. One thing about research is learning the golden rule. Only make a valid claim when academic facts support the claim. The Falls of the Ohio has a small museum, which explains a lot of pre-Columbian history. They found six Spanish in armor dead at the falls. The problem with this statement is the word Spanish. The Spanish did not have helmets with nose guards like the ones found at the falls. The helmets found at the falls were likely from the Turks. These helmets were likely spoils of war taken from the Turks by the Portuguese. The Shawnee were the last Native Americans in Ohio when Simon Kenton was the first white in the area, however the legend of the white Indians battle predates the Simon Kenton by about 200 years. We know Portuguese were on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, we are testing data that shows they were in Rhode Island in 1472, We have a date of 1511 on Dighton rock that says they were their. We now also have factual artifacts that show they were in Mass. Maine, New York and Ohio. We also have facts that show these white Indians were on the run and their reason for being eliminated was because they introduced pneumonia to the Native Americans who had no immunity to this European disease, which eliminated over 80 % of the Rhode Island natives and western Wisconsin natives.

On Oct 29, 2015, at 2:05 PM, Judi Rudebusch wrote:
Hello Myron- these huge emails you are sending is clogging my computer.  PLEASE take me off the list, thank-you.

Judi R.


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