Wednesday, October 14, 2015


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This spontaneous email was sent to my confidant, Karl.

For some reason, which I do not yet understand, Karl and I do NOT agree to the origin of the copper around Lake Superior, Michigan.

In the email, I mention my current friend "Mickey,"

Mickey's father left the copper mines in Lake Superior, which were "petered out."  He went to Chile to manage the copper refining for Annaconda Copper mining compay.

I just had breakfast with Mickey.  He is 91 years old.  He was born in Chile because his father, who came from the Great Lakes region, was managing the copper mines there (Chile).  

[The copper mine in Chile made its fortune by electrolysis refinement of the copper skimmed off the first batch after the lye separated the copper from the ore.  That refinement also yields silver and gold, which is worth much more than the copper.

Mickey says that modern refinery processes world-wide CANNOT produce skimmed copper greater than about 80% pure.

 Electrolysis is required to get pure copper. But the copper around Lake Superior is 98% pure.  Mickey says that Lake Superior copper was not created on earth.
Mickey and I enjoy our breakfast visits because we both are engineers and, today, we both agree the the pure copper around Lake Superior could only have been there because something happened in outer space that drove globs of copper to the earth.

Myron (My sign off to Karl.)


The attendance ratio at the Symposium was about 30 Scandinavians, one (or two) Southern (Shawnee) LENAPE (Freda, for sure, and her cousin). 

For five months before the Symposium, I sent 20 pictographs, one each week, of the third chapter of the LENAPE HISTORY to 721 people on my email list.

The list included over 400 carefully selected academic professors involved in teaching Early American history topics.  I am very disappointed that the attendance from those people lived up to my expectation.

[I expected ZERO :-( ]

That outcome is just more evidence that the most earnest efforts to communicate to academic people in academic "silos" go unrewarded. 

[Even a Ph. D and a Who's Who mention did not bring any of the academic gang out of their "silos"to see what is happening on the outside.]

An odd coincidence happeded.  There were four speakers — Freda and three engineers.  Another bit of evidence that Engineers think different than Social Scientists.  

But I was naive to think that, at least, one or two of that SS-gang that lives off of public money for "higher educarion" would be there.

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