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The LENAPE History is a history of a Christian migration during the LITTLE ICE AGE.
The Christians walked from Greenland to New York in America.  But they went a long way around, through the Dakotas and Missoui then back to New York.  They walked into New York a century before the English invaded.
When the English came to America they were surpised to find  Christians already on the American shore.  
The English created MYTHS*.  Then they suppressed knowledge of Christians.   They omitted that 
knowledge from the printing presses.
* Text Color Code.

Black is routine text.
RED is for text associated with the false early American Myths.
RED LINKS go to sites supporting the MYTHS.
BLUE LINKS go to links supporting the true paradigms which have evidence.
Magenta text is for comments.
Invite YOUR students to discuss the questions for each set of stanzas, the artifact, and the word associated with the set of stanzas.

The 18 sets of stanzas describe episodes during 1363 years of Lenape history.
The artifact and the words may have been used during the episode.
Then give your studebts the Link to the ANSWERS to the stanzas under discussion.  Follow with more discussion of the answers before assigning the next episode.
The LENAPE were Christians, who spoke Norse.

"LEN" means "PURE." 
"APE" means "ABIDE."
Old Norse has reversed syntax, so, in English, the word is "Abide (with the) PURE."
Some of the KENYA teachers are Christians.  They still Abide with the PURE.  The LENAPE History is Christian history.
Lenape tribes still live in New Jersey, New York and near Ottawa, Canada.
Discuss the stanzas, artifacts, and words with your students whenever you can.

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