Wednesday, July 3, 2019


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My own comments 
about the Runestone are:"While the Runestone did not fall from the sky, the Runestone did fall from the limestone rim rock at “HEAVNER,” (Old Norse for “High point”) when the soil beneath the limestone eroded away.
The runes were carved on the surface of the limestone rim rock BEFORE the year AD 1,000.
(The rune set changed about AD 1,000.  The rune set at Heavner was the older set.)
The old runes clearly say “GROW VALLEY”

Sometime BEFORE AD 1,000, during the “hunterss went everywhere" period, a Scandinavian man stood on the rim rock, looked over the fertile valley below, and thought, “I must tell those, who will follow, where they can grow food.”
Now, you have two versions of the Heaver Runestone.  
Can the class reach a consensus opinion?

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