Friday, April 14, 2017


What does WAPA mean?

You should have found this page.

Wap means "White" 
Wapan means "easterly"

Perhaps the LENAPE historian chose a word that meant two things.  White Owl may have come from the east with the Scandinavian rescue team.

Do you think “go-khos” sounds like an owl?

As a boy on the farm, I heard “go-khos” sounds.  The owls in the area of the LENAPE six centuries ago may have made slightly different sounds than the owls in our tree strip, so I a willing to accept “go-khos” as the sound an owl made.

Do you think the name is for a bird?

No, I think the LENAPE Historian chose a bird that came closest to representing the man.  “Big Bird” was the Bishop at the start of the migration.  “White Owl” seems like a natural choice of a bird for the next Bishop.

Or do you think the name describes a man with the attributes of the bird?


If so, what are some attributes the man might have had?

He may have been vigilant and a steady influence on the LENAPE.  An Owl will fly quietly and usually swiftly strike his prey.  The man may have been one, who succeeded in leading hunters to find food.

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