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I had planned to end this LENAPE semester by having you review the many Norse artifacts, which have appeared in text or pictures and then vanished from the curriculums of school kids.

Larry Stroud. Frode Omdahl, and myself put together the list of Norse artifacts for the 2005 conference of AAPS.  The original list had 39 pages.  Even at five items per page, there were nearly 200 Norse artifacts.  You can see the Norse artifact list here.

What is the first artifact on the list?

What is the last artifact on the list?

But just last week Bill Davis showed us a video of a red haired woman from a family of red headed people.
[The YOUTUBE video is no longer available.]

Somebody in America has known about the red headed mummies since 1797!  I could not find a record of the mummy!  Why?

So, yesterday,  I did a search on the Internet.  I found that somebody in America knew about the red headed woman buried in Mammoth cave since 1813. 

[I visited Mammoth cave about a decade ago.   The tour guides did not mention the woman or show us her tomb.]  Why?

Then, yesterday, I discovered that someone knew about the yellow haired mummies in burial caves through out Kentucky and Tennessee since 1894!  

The author of the report wrote,’’
“the flesh of the bodies was preserved and the hair was yellow"

That was a century and twelve years ago!  I did not find any record.  Why?

This colored hair evidence has been suppressed for one to two centuries.  The evidence shows that:

1.  The suppression of American history has been going on for centuries.

2.  The evidence supports the LENAPE history more than the history MYTH taught to school kids.

Meanwhile back in the Ancient Artifacts Preservation Society (AAPS),  my friends have been trying to preserve ancient artifacts” which have been suppressed by the academic universities.
In the past decade of diligent research, I do not remember information about red or yellow haired people in Tennessee or Kentucky.

But now, I believe the red and yellow haired people in Tennessee and Kentucky are consistent with the LENAPE history.

This evidence reveals that the primary academic action toward Norse evidence is to ignore the evidence and suppress publication.

Apparently NO one in universities demands that the Early American history paradigm taught by universities should account for the Norse evidence left behind.

The LENAPE history is a valid history, which ia supported by most physical evidence.

All of the evidence and Norse words in this LENAPE semester indicates that Early American History, as taught, is a MYTH, because the evidence does not mathch the history.

Our problem:
How do we encourage universities to teach valid histories instead of a myth?

My suggestion.  

Early Amerocan History is a contest between educators teaching a myth to millions of kids and the few of us, who know the educators have been suppressing the evidence for centuries. 

Finding more Norse artifacts will not help.  They, too, will be suppressed by omission.

The phrase "Most Americans spoke Norse" is valid.  Most evidence supports the phase.   As happened here, discussion may reveal suppressed information.  We should find and use many ways to tell the kids that most Americans spoke Norse.
We must make the suppression known as a reason why the evidence is not in history curriculums.

Each and all of us should tell others "Most Americans spoke Norse" early and often.

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