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AD 1347
to Mer Rika
On the wonderful slippery water.
 On the stone hard water,
All went! 
On the great
tidal sea,
Over the [puckered pack ice.]
Then in the dead of winter, where the sun barely peaks over the horizon for a few hours, they waked on the stone hard water for a long, long way. 
 Their score card says it was for three months.
. Then they reached the granaries on the east side of Ungava Penninsula.  There the hunters had stored food and hides for clothing.
The Locations of the GRANARIES  on CAIRNS is shown by the red triangles.
The cairns cross Ungava Pennisula and one is on the Belcher Island cluster in the Christian Sea (a.k.a. Hudson Bay).
(Leif Ericsson's men recorded that one in the Sagas about
AD 1006.  
The granary was used by the LENAPE about three centuries AFTER Leif's men first recorded that it was there.)

The hunters  had stocked the granaries.  But, as events unfolded, they realized that the food would get the LENAPE across Ungava Peninsula, but would NOT enable them to cross the Christian Sea, which was covered with rough ice and melting snow drifts.

The hunters decidded to try to make it to the place where there is an “abundance of rivers.”

The hunters also knew that, if they could find food at the “abundance of rivers,” then, later, the LENAPE might eventually go south to get to the Ohio River.   There they might be able to establish a “heartland.”
.SO, After they opened the granary on the Belcher islands in the Christian Sea, the hunters led the way south to the "abundance of rivers."
Twenty one (21) rivers flow into Ja. Bay.
Six of them, three from the southwest and three from the southeast are major rivers.
 One river course is named "Ekwann," which is Old Norse for "Ain't water." 

ALL of the recorded river names are Old Norse except where the English named a few of the major rivers.  A few rivers have English names with Norse tributaries.
What does OHIO mean?
. Bonus question:  What does "Belcher" mean?

[Use the same method to look up meaning of LENAPE words:
follow the hints for OHIO.]

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