Wednesday, July 27, 2016


What did ROGER WILLIAMS know?

For eleven (11) weeks I have guided you to words in the VIKING and the RED MAN DROPBOX.  I assume you have found a few and know the drill.

This week will be a mid semester test.

1. Go to the DROPBOX called VIKING and the RED MAN.

2.  Select Volume 1

3.  Select the appendix

4.   Read the sixth page of the appendix (page 338)

5.  What and when did Roger Williams know?

6.  Both Roger Williams and the Dutch Governor of New York agreed about the same word.

7.  Look up the word, (using the clues Sherwin gave us.)

         What does the name mean?

         Which nationality used the name?

Dear Class,

I consider this to be a crucial TEST of your skills to find information in the VIKING and the RED MAN DROPBOX.

Please test yourself. 

If you need guidance, please send me an email telling me how far you got and what you think your problem is.  I will try to help you –privately—until you get the correct answers.

When you can answer the questions above, please do so in the comments section.

I would like to know that EVERYONE in the class knows how to find information in the VIKING and the RED MAN DROPBOX.

Lots o’ Luck, Learners


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