Wednesday, June 29, 2016

WEEK 8, 2017, Part C, Going to IOWA.

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First Semester, AD 1000 to 1363
Second Semester, AD 1364 to 1585
All say they will go along,
All who are free to go.
___Part C ____ 
Look on the "meaning" post for hints to find MISSOURI.
The more important thing to know is how to use the DROPBOX of the VIKING and the RED MAN than to accept answers from anyone, who thinks they know what a "native American" word means.
So, to repeat the look up exercise,  What is the meaning of MISSOURI? 
At the Althing in Iceland in 1346, the hunters, who had been to America and returned, were able to talk about a pleasant place.  They called the land "IOWA."

What did "IOWA" mean?

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