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AD 1343
Where there was little pack ice
 in heaped ice
with a lot of
snow drifts,
the white geese ruled and the white bear ruled
Why did the “white geese and bears” rule?

Andi: These are the animals that represent the birds and land mammals found in “open water marvels.” A location where the animals could be found in abundance, searching for food, is being described. The people could in turn use the animals found at these locations, for food, pelts, tools, and more.

The passage also reminds me of something I learned during the Indians of North America course, regarding the hundreds of detailed words that Inuit have for snow and ice. 

Myron: They were the main source of food.

What phenomena was the LENAPE Historian describing?

Andi: According to PARADIGM SHIFT, these stanzas describe “open water marvels;” natural phenomena which produced flooded areas that were rich in fish and game. Hunters would need to know (and share) where they were, and how to find these locations, in order to continue feeding their people as the climate became colder

Myron: The LENAPE Historian was describing an “Open water marvel.”

These were regions where the combination of a sloping sandy shores and strong sea tide caused the sea water to break out of the ice and flood an area.
There were nine Open Water Marvels in Ungava Bay and two, or more, on the south shore of Baffin Island.

Bears and Geese came for the fish.  Humans came for all three.  At the start of the Little Ice Age Open Water Marvels were the main source of food for hundreds of miles around.
"Head Beaver
and Big Bird
said "Let us
go to Akomen."
Who was “Head Beaver?

Andi: I love this stanza. As a child who was brought up on Jim Henson’s Muppets, at first reading, I pictured something totally unrelated. Of course, if you look at the image, the big bird here could have been a Catholic Bishop, and the head beaver could have been the leader of a longstanding Viking beaver clan.
AIDON: 3.19
The men from the north, the east, the south,
The eagle clan, the beaver clan, the wolf clan,
The best men, the rich men,
the head men
Those with wives,
Those with daughters,

Those with dogs
My understanding of this verse is the men from each clan in Greenland, "Eagle, beaver, wolf clan." During the medieval warm period there may have been forests to support these creatures, which were logged out and/ or perished when the weather became colder. As clans are hereditary, the members of the beaver clan could still be called "beaver," even though beavers may have been extinct in Greenland for two hundred years. So it is possible Head Beaver was from Greenland. It seems to me more likely that he was a Greenlander.

Myron:  Is retention of the "beaver" clan name  in Greenland more likely than many 16-man boats rowing from Greenland to Ungava Bay every year for 350 years?

Andi, Absolutely.

 Myron:  Beaver names still exist in Ungava Bay.  I think it is likely the "Beaver" clan might have been the people who stayed in Ungava Bay to harvest beaver during the winter.  Perhaps the "Head Beaver" was an American who helped row the beaver skin delivery boat back to Greenland in time for the Althoeng. 

Myron: Head Beaver was the “Honored high man” (OGIMA) from America.  He probably was from south Ungava Bay where beavers are still part of the place names.  He would have hunted the Open Water Marvels.
Who is “Big Bird?

He is the Catholic Bishop of Greenland.  At that time the Bishop was named Arnie, which means eagle, which is a “big bird."

Where is “Akomen?”
Andi: From 3.18-
“[I tell you it was a big mob]
In the darkness, all in one darkness
To Akomen, to the [west], In the darkness
They walk and walk, all of them”

According to this stanza and those that follow, Akomen would be America (Eastman Land). They traveled over the Davis Strait during the Arctic winter, across the Ungava Peninsula, then down along the Hudson Bay. 

Just imagine it! 

Myron: You described how and when the LENAPE from Greenland came to America for the second time to save themselves. 

Myron: “Akomen” means, “the Other Side” of the strait, now called Davis Strait. Notice the lines on the right, which may indicate the glacier in Greenland.  Probably Head Beaver was only advocating moving the people to the Open Water Marvels in Ungava Bay

Why did they want to go there?

They wanted to move most of the people nearer to the main food supply in the winter.

This is an environmental crisis requiring drastic action.

The two most OGIMA in the region have decided there is only one logical thing to do--IMMEDIATELY!

But, THEY CANNOT DO IT--IMMEDIATELY.  Because, unlike most of the dictating rulers in the rest of the world, these two men are leaders in a culture, where the multitudes (Thoeng) make the decisions.

The OGIMA must present and argue their proposal at the ALTHOENG.

ULEN, MN, 1963

Aidon: If a Viking sword was found, there would have had to be a Viking hanging on to the end of it at some time or other. More solid evidence that Vikings were in America. A Viking's sword was a treasured possession. a family heirloom, to be handed down from father to son each generation. He would not have given it up unless he had been killed. Those swords did not travel to America on their own. 

VANG: Could be Vikings exploring, then it most [likely] has been a dead Viking there left his sword. But there is a span of 400 years from AD 1,000 to 1,400 where it could had been getting there.

Myron: The VIKING SWORD at Ulen, MN, may have been carried by one of the Norwegian King, Harold the Hardrada's captains.  The OGIMA may have stayed behind when Hardrata and about 3000 men passed through western Minnesota and Iowa on their way to the Mississippi.

The sword could have been fabricated in the 11th century by the process shown in this video.

The Norwegian passage would have fit into the "Hunters go Everywhere" stanza.

The Little Ice Age Episode begins three centuries later.
WHEN did the VIKING age end?

Vang:  In 1066

We say that the Viking age ended with killing King Hardrada at the battle of Stratford Bridge in 1066, that don’t mean that the Vikings disappeared, just that some change happened. After 1066 AD just called Norse maybe better Swede.?

Myron:  In 1066, when the English double-crossed Norwegian King, Harold the Hardrada, and his men who had just returned from America.  The English ruse was that the people of Northern England, which had been Norwegian territory, were going to renew allegiance to Norway.
. An official ceremony that included only dress (light) armor was planned to take place.  
. Hardada’s men were standing in parade formation when the English, in full armor, charged over the hills from most directions.
At the end of the battle of Stratford Bridge, Hardrada, the “last VIKING” took two arrows through the throat.
. VIKING means "Valley place."  The Norwegians and the Danes had occupied the valleys of England.
. After the Battle of Stratford Bridge, the English turned the people in the valleys into English bogey men.  The feathers worn by Norwegians to symbolize their allegiance to Christ became horns.
The English were very good at propaganda.
Is this a monument to:
solid physical evidence that the NEW WORLD MYTH , which is taught in most schools, is NOT VALID?

It does not take an experienced stone puncher to determine that the “MYSTICAL HSTORY” phrase was added to the monument SOME TIME LATER by a second stone puncher.

The second stone puncher and his friends must have had the NEW WORLD paradigm firmly in their heads.  The act of adding “MYSTICAL” to the monument effectively destroyed years of careful scientific investigation by Haljmar Holand.
That one word "MYSTICAL" makes the monument “controversial.”  Textbook publishers exist to make money by selling textbooks.  They know that publishing anything controversial has negative effects on sales.
The NEW WORLD MYTH, as taught by the teachers in the schools surrounding Ulen MN, prevailed in 1963. They will continue to prevail until a group of people in Minnesota stand up to speak out.  
. But telling teachers that the NEW WORLD MYTH that they have been teaching is a MYTH creates a controversy that may affect textbook sales.  A picture of the VIKINGS sword or the monument in any publication has the same odds as seeing a snowball in Oklahoma in July.
The VIKING SWORD found at Ulen Minnesota is solid physical evidence that schools are distorting the past by teaching the NEW WORLD myth.
. The many Norse artifacts found in Minnesota are not invalid artifacts.
 Much of Minnesota is elevated tableland between the Red River, flowing North to Hudson Bay, and the Mississippi, flowing south to the Gulf of Mexico.
For over four thousand  (4,000) years men and boats have been using that main travel route of people from the east side of the Atlantic.  That route at one time had 200 boats and 3,000 men traversing through America.  The route lies on both sides of I-94 from Moorhead to Minneapolis.

But western winds, blowing off the plains, slow among the trees in Minnesota.  The dirt sifts down.  Over 10 centuries a VIKING SWORD might be covered with a foot of topsoil.  The VIKING SWORD was found by a plow turning a foot of topsoil.
Teachers do not want to have students speculate on things like that.  The NEW WORLD MYTH as taught is robbing our kids of accurate knowledge of the past.
Page 338 of Vol. 1 of VRM looks like this:

What was the word Williams and the Dutch Governor agree upon?

VANG: They agreed to draw their line from Iceland because the word/name SACKMAKAN meant Prince in Iceland and America/Delaware.
Myron: They agreed that “Sackmakan” meant “Prince” in America and in Iceland. 
Williams and the Dutch Governor knew the Americans were speaking the same language as which country?
Williams knew the Americans were speaking what two languages.

VANG: Gamle- old Norsk- Norse} Old Norse and Ur-Norse a primitive Norse. 
Both the English and the Dutch knew, in 1643, that Americans spoke Norse. 
The kids today do not know that fact.  

VANG: All countries suppress when they colonies a country: Language, name, religion ….

This suppression changes normally when the country gets free, but did not happen in North America. So it still happen.

Myron: The English chose to omit French words
“Mer Christian”
and use
“Hudson Bay”
 The English chose to change
the French label
“Christinaux” and use “Cree” instea.
The English knew Americans    spoke “Norse” in 1644, but the English chose
to use the French  word Algonquin”
to name the American Language.
The 17th century English had a clear, coherent, suppression by omission scheme in place when the first printing presses arrived in America.

Publishers were told to:

Emphasize AMERICA as
a NEW WORLD.      Promote Columbus.
No historian should write that no one from the
East side of the Atlantic came to the NEW WORLD
before 1492.
Even today  Editors and professors ignore
 all artifacts that may be evidence against the
Publishers were told to omit: 
words, which imply  “Catholics,”
words, which imply “Norse,”
and words, which imply       
That SUPPRESSION by OMISSION scheme is WHY kids did not learn that the ENGLISH kids of 1644 KNEW the AMERICANS were SPEAKING OLD NORSE and College Graduates of today do not.

The LENAPE History is a series of serendippitous events.  During this week of the LENAPE history course, conversations on side issues resulted in this communication:
AIDON: There are many references to the excellent relations between the Swedes and the Leni Lenape, however, the only reference to many swedes understanding Leni Lenape is : NEW SWEDEN ON THE DELAWARE by Burt Froom West Mt. Airy.
 Yesterday and Today During a recent visit to the American Swedish Historical Museum in South Philadelphia (, 
I learned from its detailed presentations and informed staff members about the rich contributions of New Sweden to the culture of the nascent Pennsylvania. The Swedes established good relations with the Lenape, starting in 1638, and those associations paved the way for the good relations that William Penn was able to establish with the Lenape. Also, many Swedes knew the Lenape language, and Swedes were involved in introducing the Lenape and the English to each other. Swedes were also successful farmers in Delaware Valley. They demonstrated to new settlers that they could feed themselves in this new world. The Lenape and Swedes learned they could work together.
Myron: The Swedes were the serendipity that enabled the LENAPE name to survive. Three centuries later, in the 1900s two men in Pennsylvania recognized the fine traits of the LENAPE.  The created a Boy Scout honor Society called the Order of the Arrow.  Scouts earning the Order of the Arrow study LENAPE words, which are really Old Norse.
The LENAPE sold Pennsylvania to William Penn and his Quaker friends, so they would have a place to sleep peacefully.  The English Protestants were hanging Quakers. [The English encouraged the Iroquois to scalp Lenape.  They traded fifles for fair haired scalps] 
. The most blatant suppression was the hanging of Mary Dyer, who carried her burial should to the event.
Of course, if you did not learn these statements in history class, the English would be pleased to have you know they were suppressed by omission--and therefore must be a hoax.

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