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are groups of people, who advocate that the Lenape History is a valid history of North America because:
  • It was composed by self-verifying sound stanzas.
  • The self-verifying sounds work only with Old Norse syllables.
  • Most of the American Peoples spoke Old Norse before the English Invasion.
  • The sounds may be deciphered by using the VIKING and the RED MAN comparisons.
  • When deciphered, the Lenape History is as clear, concise, and comprehensive record of 585 years of American history before the "Second" English voyage to North America.
  • Some episodes of the LENAPE History correlate well with episodes recorded in histories of five European countries on the east side of the Atlantic.

Council: ... 2 a group of people appointed or elected to give advice, make rules, manage affairs, etc.

Because I have devoted 16 years to the LENAPE History and communicated with most of you, except those over 400 (censored) academics who I carefully selected, and who have not yet responded after I emailed them the whole chapter 3 of the LENAPE History, I will take the pleasure of appointing you to groups.

Now 73 councils exist where none existed before.

Meanwhile, do not sweat the statistics that BILLIONS of people believe the English Early American History.  Most people know, intuitively, that the "Winners write the history."  What most do not seem to grasp is that our Social Scientists appear to believe that the winners were "nice guys--gentlemen in fact."

But the winners in the 17th century omitted whole histories.  The Catholic histories, Spanish, French, and Norse.  They also set up the system that would also omit the Chinese histories.

As an Engineer, I know that good designs are a series of better approximations. The next approximation will be better, and the next, and the next, and the ...

COUNCILS are of three type:s
  • a group of people located in an area and who meet often in the routine activities of living in the area.  There are 21 of those councils.
  • people, who have activities within an organization and who also have an interest in the LENAPE History.  There are 21 of those types of councils.
  • people with a common interest, and often expertise in, a particular facet of the LENAPE history.  There are 31 of those types of councils.

Council Organization may be Ad Hoc, doing what comes naturally given the interest, resources, time, and location.

Any independent action taken in the name of the Council should conform to the desires of a majority of the council.

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