Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This stanza is another witness to the "Ten Mates Dead Episode on the Kensington Rune Stone date 1362 in western Minnesota.

There were TWO RECORDERS using two different media to record that episode.  The two recorders, a Swede punching into stone and a Greenlander Lenape using self verifying stanzas recorded the same message:  Ten men were beaten to death.

There may be much discussion about the reason.  The Maalan Aarum records friendship before the event and peacable times after the event.  The incident may have been a tragic mistake.   The Lenape were following the Red River Valley, boats were almost useless because of the flatland.  So, the Scandinavians may have been free to explore the old Viking Waterway. 

Perhaps no one bothered to tell the people from Detroit Lakes east ward that the Scandinavians were coming.  Two boats and thirty men would have appeared to be an invader intrusion into the country east of Lake Park. So the locals may have reacted to stop the invasion.  The tragedy would have been unexpected.

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