Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MENALTING comments

A few Hunters put together a small meeting.

These words, said in Old Norse, are an elegant way to state that the Lenape operated with government by council even in the most desperate of circumstances.

The ALTHING of Greenland and Iceland in the 14th century was the major form of government by council in a world ruled with dictatorship by one strong man.  The Lenape carried that concept of government by council with them.  

Eventually they the Lenape taught the concept to Roger Williams, who in 1643, carried the concept of government by council back to England.  Williams left the concept there in a publication entitled the BLODDY TENENT.

The English parliament was so disturbed by the BLOODY TENENT that they ordered Williams to be put to death by burning at the stake with his books being the fuel.  But Williams was already a day away at sea.  Most, but not all, of the books were burned.

But Englishmen, who could read, found copies.  In a decade, most English men believed that England invented council by government.


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