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THEY ALL COME deciphering

 [Translation by Moravian priests, 1820, with partial decipherment 
via Craig Judge, Kean University.]

Script ot a decipherment make in the 19th century.  Notice the person making the decipherment thought "Shinaking" compared to  "Sinkee" = "forest" in Delaware and "Sinkop" = "balsum pine" in Ojibwa. 

Wemipayat gune'unga shinaking, 
Wunkenapi chanelendam payaking, 
Allowelendam kowiyey tulpaking.
'We' mi  pay  at     gu  'ne'   . 
''un'  ga  shin ak    ing.'Wun'
'ke'  "na" pi    cha '"ne"' len  
dam pay ak   ing,  Al    lo   .    
"we" len  dam ko  "wi"  yey  . 
tul  pak  ing                        .
Line 1 & 2 no alliteration
Line 4 & 6 nothing        ,
Line 5 no rhyme            .
Three syllables short      
No line keys                  .
This stanza is doubtful.  
The sounds are the Lenape version as recorded.  The Old Norse words usually make the Drottkvaett score better.
Maybe the last half of the stanza was just the  historian's explaination, which was copied by recorders.
My comments on
pictograph and stanza

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