Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The 17th century English Protestants created a profoundly distorted American history.

The 18th century English Protestants turned the distorted history into a paradigm. 

The history paradigm implies there was only one American history.

Read, LET NONE DARE CALL IT LIBERTY’ to learn that the paradigm was not valid.

The Catholic Histories report an aggressive Protestant persecution in colonial America.

The LENAPE HISTORY, LENAPE LAND accurately reports Norse Catholic history of America.

Histories become paradigms, when they are repeatedly taught.

Over half a billion people have studied 17th century American history.   Nearly all educational institutions teach only the 17th century Protestant American history.

But only about 70 people may have read the first 38 stanzas of LENAPE HISTORY, LENAPE LAND.  There is no known educational institution teaching LENAPE history.  So the LENAPE history does not become a paradigm.

The focus for 2016 will be to encourage educational Institutions to teach LENAPE HISTORY, LENAPE LAND.

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