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 Our discussion has become focused on the issue of MOST AMERICANS SPOKE NORSE.  Those four valid words might be useful to overcome four centuries of false history started by the English, who invaded America in the 17th century.

Way back in our time, over a decade and a half ago, on New Years Day, 2003, Larry Stroud published an article. 

What organization did Larry work for?

The same day, Forde Omdahl, a Norwegian, found Larry’s posting on the Internet and emailed me.  Within 24 hours the three of us became online friends, who believed that MOST AMERICANS SPOKE NORSE.

We continued our search for Reider T. Sherwin volumes.  We eventually found all eight (8) volumes of the VIKING and the RED MAN.  You have been using the VIKING and the RED MAN to decipher words during the 18 weeks of this LENAPE SEMESTER.

In 2003 there were NO listings of the VIKING and the RED MAN in ABEbooks.  Today,  May 5, 2017, there are eleven books, priced from $25.35 to $300, listed in ABEbooks.

IN 2003 there were no listings of the VIKING and the RED MAN on  Today there are four listings, with books priced from $50 to $149.95

Clearly, someone “out there” has discovered that used VIKING and the RED MAN books can be sold at high prices.  Those volumes are the best evidence that MOST AMERICANS SPOKE NORSE.

Larry started a paradigm shift, which continues up to our discussion today.

The more correct version of 17th century history is that

We, who believe the more correct version of American history, cannot find another artifact or word to convince 3.5 million kids, that they are learning a
which was created in the 17th century.

If we want a more accurate version of Early American history, we are faced with an almost overwhelming paradigm in nearly every bodies head.  The paradigm is taught by thousands of educators that believe what they are teaching is the ONLY true Early American history.

The issue is NOT finding more evidence.  There is plenty of evidence to prove Norse were in America, when the English invaded. 

The issue IS convincing educators that there are more  histories.  Educators should make comparative studies of the LENAPE, Catholic, English and other histories and the evidence left behind.

Maybe the most effective way to make educators realize that there is a problem with Early American History, as taught, is to make the valid words, “MOST AMERICANS SPOKE NORSE” a competing paradigm.

You can help to make a better American history by saying or writing those four simple words, MOST AMERICANS SPOKE NORSE. “
We, who want a better history, should say those words early and often.

Expect negative feedback. Be prepared to cite Roger Williams, Reider T. Sherwin, Anita Stromsted, Larry Stroud, Frode Omdahl, Thomas E. Lee, Patricia Sutherland, Myron Paine, Craig Judge and many other.

America’s history will remain a  MYTH until most students know that MOST AMERICANS SPOKE NORSE.

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