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CHEE-MA, Scandinavian LIFT, Lenape SPIRIT
AD 1000 TO  1363
The Brothers
The poor, lonely, but tough men
became hunters and left
 those living in strong houses.
WHY did they become HUNTERS and LEAVE?
WHAT do the THREE PRONGS on each head mean?

WHAT do you do when you have to leave home because your older brother has the farm, Dad’s boat, and the best girl in the region?

Vang Bach January 23, 2017 at 10:20 PM

VANG:The oldest son inherited the farm and everything to the farm, then was also in a position where he could marry the best girl in the region. 

Why did they become Hunters and Leave?

VANG: After some generations there were no more land to occupy, so they have to move and find something for living so they became hunters and have to move after the best hunting places.

MYRON: I agree. in Nordic culture the oldest son got the farm, the house, and the most capable woman in the region.  The younger brothers had to leave home and earn a living by themselves.  In Greenland and North America, the only way to stay alive was to hunt somewhere away from the farm.

What do the three prongs on each head mean?

VANG: The prongs show religion “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” and the only religion in this area at that time were Catholics. 

MYRON:  RIGHT. The prongs on the heads signify religion.  These hunters are wearing the “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost hair-dos.  There were Catholics..

Separated from home
like breasts on the same body
the hunters became tougher
extremely good and
they reached for the sky.
An icon that looks similar exists in Europe. 

VANG:The Scandinavians god was THOR with the hammer and lightning.

What is the name of the European icon? 


MYRON:  CorrectThe name of the European Icon is

What does the European icon hold? 

VANG:A hammer.

MYRON: THOR held a lighting bolt and a hammer.

The Scandinavians were the metal workers of Northern Europe.  They lived in a region (Europe) plagued with “war and rumors of war.  Hence the lightning and the thunder.”
Why the arrow and the paddle? 

VANG:They were moving by paddling around and hunting.

MYRON: In North America the brothers survived by paddling along rivers and up streams.  They could get to any and almost all spots, which lay a day’s walk from water.
The arrow was the “credit card” enabling the bothers to get food when they needed to eat.
Where did the hunters go? 

VANG:The hunters ventured everywhere. They went to the east shores of Greenland. They went north along the west cost of Greenland. They went west by boat to what they called Marrike land and went up and down on the east cost of Marrike land.
MYR0N:The hunters camped in
KENNEbec,      Maine, [Wide stream]
KENNEwick, Washington [Wide valley]

[Look at that!  The Norse,  whom the English of the 17th centuary wanted us to believe NEVER were in North America, left their name ["wick = vik'] in the state of Washington."
WINNi\Ipeg ,      Canada  [Smelly bay]
WINNemucca, Nevada [Smelly muck]
What did the hunters leave behind?
They left a  lot of place NAMES behind.  
Nearly every state has dozens of Norse place names.
They NAMED 16 states and 
three providences in Canada.
They named CANADA 
nd, maybe, ALASKA.
With the exception of Louisiana,  fhey named 
all of the states on both sides of the MISSISSIPPI
 and the MISSOURI Rivers.  
They named most of the rivers in the Mississippi basin.

Their names were the original names of the Great Lakes. 
"(On the shores of Ghitchie Gummy, the big sea water ...)"

What did the hunters leave behind? 

VANG:The homebuilder they have to stay, because the livestock needed daily care.
The hunters became “extremely good.”

______PART B_________

VANG: Dr. Woodard wrote about Rene Robert Cavelier de La Salle's nearby March 19, 1687, grisly, brain-blasted, murder location-scene, which also involved bloody gore of night-time hatchet murders of three others (Nephew of La Salle, Crevel Moranget, and La Salle's two longtime Native American assistants Saget, and Nika);

Do you think the episode happened? 
Could have happened, but have nothing to do with the “Heavener” Runestone.

My own comments about the Runestone are:
I believe the Rune stone from the limestone rim rock at “Heavener” is a Norse/Viking rune stone . The old rune clearly say “Grow Valley”. It is found on a natural place for hunters to have a camp for hunting at the Ozarks.

MYRON: Dr. Woodard wrote about the Heavener Runestone, and sells books via the same web site.  He is motivated that everyone should believe his hypothesis.  He prevails because the academics do not care.  He, too, can be ignored.  His hypothesis is not likely to appear in a school book.
Dr. Woodard has extensively studied the Heavener & related historic sites for more than 25 years.
He has also thoroughly studied the old Runic languages and the French and Spanish records that are involved. He has consulted the best of Germanic, Scandinavian, and French linguists.   
But La Salle was operating in the age of paper and ink.  Probably none of La Salle’s men had the equipment to punch runes into rock.  Swords, knives and even most chiesels cannot make enduring runes in rocks.
Punching runes into rocks requires a punch made of high-grade steel and a compact, massive hammer.  The last known Europeans to carry punches and hammers were De Soto and Coronado expeditions in 1531, which were a century and a half before La Salle.
The Heaver Runes can be “read” directly from the runes to mean “Grow Valley.”  The second rune from the left has caused most of the various meanings, including the easy out—“the runes are a hoax -- because that rune did not exist.”
"That rune" is an ancient Swedish rune, which was only uncovered in the 21st century.  The rune means “r.”  Hence the debated runes become “Grow.”   The “valley” was never in doubt.
Envision Norway King Harold Hardrada leading 3000 men in 200 boats from Greenland into America about AD 1064.  Most of Hardrada's men carry the latest gadgets—a compact, but massive hammer and a pouch full of high-grade steel punches.
That vision would explain the stones with holes in them from Lake Winnipeg to southern Iowa.  [They rowed their boats from Greenland to the Minnesota Horst and then crossed into the Mississippi by most of the known waterways.
.   Somewhere along the Mississippi it became easier to use wood for messages.  But in Eastern Oklahoma the scrub bushes would have made punching messages into rocks a better long-term option.
There are, at least, four more rune stones in the area around the Heavener rune stone.  One of them was found on a strip of rocky land almost without topsoil.  That rune stone says “No Grow.”
So, who is correct?  Did La Salle’s men carry rune-making equipment? 
Did Harald Hardrada really lead about 3,000 men in 200 boats from Greenland to the Gulf of Mexico, about the year AD 1,064?
You may choose the paradigm that fits more comfortable into your head.
But the REAL PROBLEM is that the KIDS sitting in class today may not know that the rune even exists and what equipment is required to make them.

The nasty English paradigm that North America was a PRISTINE wilderness before AD1492 is still intact, despite the facts that the  paradigm does not explain evidence punched into stone.
. Educators will continue to teach the kids the PRISTINE hypothesis.  Editors of mainstream media will continue to omit stories that do not fit the PRISTINE hypothesis.
. Heaven help them! Their professions have repeated the PRISTINE hypothesis for over twenty (20) generations.  They have the only history in the books.  They have not been taught to look at historical evidence that reveals other histories.

Heaven help them! They can only teach what they were taught by the nasty Englishmen of the 17th century.  Shame on us.  We pay them to do THAT.
.Who, in their right mind, would risk their cushy faculty position to explain to their colleges that the PRISTINE wilderness hypothesis does not account for all the evidence.
La Salle's men punched runes into rocks without the proper tools,--didn't they?
Who are we going to believe, the words of teachers and editors of mainstream media or our own LYING EYES?

                       _____________PART C-___________

NOTE, to viewer.  The assignment for week three should have be to look up the word "LENAPE."  Because of the "L-R" speech problems, LENAPE is found listed under RENAPE.  The answers below refer to the quest for LENAPE.
Did you find RENVI168 and RENV1169?

They should look like this.

==========================================LENAPE and RENAPE" mean “ABIDE with the PURE, as in “BAPTIZED to be PURE.

LENAPE are descendants of 
                               CATHOLICS, who spoke NORSE

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