Saturday, June 27, 2015


They lived where it snowed.
They lived where it stormed.
They lived where it was always winter.

Once again,WHERE did they live?

They remembered longingly, 
while still in their cold land
 the mild weather,

the many deer, and also foxes.
Where were they remembering?
What does the
 triple cross mean?
What are the two marks
 on the flat line?

1 comment:

  1. Once again, WHERE did they live?
    “It freezes where they abode.
    It snows where they abode.
    It is cold where they abode.”
    Greenland from North to South is around 3000 miles, and the distances from Northern settlement to Southern Settlement around 1000 miles.
    The Northern settlement around Nuuk Greenland, were the biggest (I don’t know why?) but also with the coldest climate, and I think it would be Greenland Northern settlement.
    Actually a very beautiful place, a disaster must have happen since living, I grow up there.

    Where were they remembering?
    It cut be they are remembering the warm land they had left as “MILD AKI” or “MILD LAND”.
    They remembering the land the Lenape knew before they left the cold land behind.

    What does the triple cross mean?
    “Those represent twenty notches on a me on a measuring stick.”
    “The lines go through the vertical line. The line at the top is for the northern location of old homeland. The next two lines are for ten notches. A short line to the left or right of the vertical line would mean only one. Two short lines meant two notches, like counting with fingers. That was the way those sailors who measured the North Star kept track.”

    What are the two marks on the flat line?
    The flat line might indicate flat land.